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Not dead yet.

marzo 31, 2008

In case the few of you were wondering, I’m not.

I went to Czech Republic for a week during Easter holidays to have some concerts with my choir. Our director studied there, and his two big teachers are now 80+, but their choirs are two of the best in the country, so we did four concerts together joining our forces in the “Singing Triangle”. Severáček and Motýli Šumperk have such perfect sound and technique, we have learned very much from them in these days. Next stop: The 8th World Symposium on Choral Music in Copenhagen!

Otherwise: I decided, since I’m thinking about going to university in Australia, that I need to read some good classic English literature, so I investigated some anthology in the library and took Pride and Prejudice, Robinson Crusoe and the complete dramatic work of Samuel Beckett.
In the near future I’d like to get my hands on:
-Saul Bellow, Humboldt’s gift
-some William Saroyan work, such as Life’s days or The human comedy
And that’s how far as I went with the 10 minutes time I had to research. Someone’s got any suggestion? Please?

PS: Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter and that you’re all OK :*


*flails and dies*
24 days till next episode!


Cazzi e canguri

marzo 20, 2008

Questa storia dell’auto-sabotaggio deve finire. Ogni volta che devo andare da qualche parte, o fare qualcosa di importante, finisce che mi ammalo, ma è tutto nella mia testa. È oltremodo frustrante, è un circolo vizioso.
Però questa volta no, io venerdì salgo su quel cazzo di bus e mi faccio le 16 ore per andare in Repubblica Ceca. E basta. Non voglio sentir scuse.

Oggi faccio ancora il cheesecake al lampone, mi aiuterà a rilassarmi. A volte mi dico che al posto del liceo sarei dovuta andare a fare la cuoca.

Nelle news recenti: sto seriamente pensando di andare a fare l’università in Australia. Comunicazione con specializzazione in scrittura creativa, o una cosa del genere. Mancano i dindini e il coraggio si lasciare una vita per un continente nuovo. Ansie a mille, paure di perdere tutte le mie amicizie. Più che altro, è vero che se sono vere amicizie resisteranno alla lontananza, ma non credo di avere il fegato di testarle. Se non confermeranno le aspettative, allora io che farò?


Non tutto il male viene per nuocere?

marzo 17, 2008

It’s confirmed that Johnny Depp will help finish Heath Ledger’s last film. It’s going to be fucking great.


La gente deve imparare a farsi i cazzi propri

marzo 12, 2008


PS: oggi ho comprato questi occhiali


Crush of the week #2

marzo 10, 2008

I saw her today in a magazine and was totally blown away. She’s so haunting. I’m still trying to get to know her name, someone has a clue?




Io sì, voi no

marzo 9, 2008

10 things I did that (probably) never happened to you:

1. I pissed in a urinal (and I’m a girl)
2. I stripped in a sacristy.
3. During a Mika’s concert, I threw a condom at him.
4. I sang in Vancouver’s stadium with 2000 other children.
5. I waited for 10 hours outside, with 5°C, for a Christina Aguilera’s concert.
6. I got in through a window without any reason.
7. I got whipped by strangers on Easter’s day (It’s a Czech tradition).
8. I sang alone in front of 1700 people.
9. I had my boob signed by a dancer.
10. I went to a restaurant for dinner and was off without paying (and running).


Crush of the week

marzo 6, 2008

(More like of the MONTH)


How can you not love Tyra ? It’s been a few weeks since I’ve discovered America’s Next Top Model, and I am hooked on this woman. ‘Till I have my crush on her, she can do no wrong.

Plus, the show is absolutely frivolous and it blesses my spirit.